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How to Calculate

Making an accurate arrearage calculation is much like solving a story problem. The calculator being provided here can help you estimate the child support arrears but may not allow for many of the situations and orders that occur in a child support case. If you want an accurate amount of your arrears you must collect the proper information regarding the order.

  • When did the order start
  • How much was to be paid, monthly, weekly or annually
  • Did the court ever enter an order that determined the arrearage and on what date
  • What is the date the order was to stop
  • Was the order to stop or reduce during extended visitation
  • How much has been paid each year
  • The number of weeks or months since the order began
  • Was this order a per child order and if so when does each child's share stop

When you have all of this information you should be able to make an accurate calculation.

  • You begin with the order start date or the date the court made an arrearage determination. This will be your calculation start date
  • If no arrearage determination has been made you begin at 0.00, if an arrearage determination has been made then start with that amount
  • Calculate the number of weeks or months since your calculation start date
  • Multiply the number of weeks or months by the ordered amount
  • Subtract the amount of payments since the calculation start date
  • Subtract any credit given because of visitation credits
  • Your total should be an accurate arrearage calculation

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