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California Mother Collects $18,964.78!
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Missouri Child Support

Child Support Recovery Service has been working cases nationwide since our beginning in 1992. We have helped many families with a Missouri child support order collect the money that is owed to them.

Missouri child support is a court ordered obligation that should not be ignored. Public policy in the state reflects that statement regardless of the pitfalls in the collection effort. If you have a Kansas City child support order, Cape Girardeau child support order, Kirksville child support order or any other city in the state the expectation is the same.

The State of Missouri has guidelines for establishing a child support obligation that is based on the resources/income of the parents and the needs of the children. The courts enter a support obligation with the expectation of compliance; failure to comply can result in some very harsh penalties. The collection of that child support is in your hands. We represent a private collection service dedicated to helping families collect their Missouri child support.

Child Support Recovery Service is based in Indiana. A child support order from Indiana is no different than a Missouri child support order. Same as an Adair child support order is no different than a Buchanan child support order or any other county in as much as the court made an order of support and the law requires compliance. Our work collecting Missouri child support is about being familiar with the rules and the playing field where the order is based. As a private support collection agency, child support recovery is our specialty.

When you struggle to collect child support you need options. Child Support Recovery Service as a private child support collection agency is available to you in Missouri. In addition the State of Missouri offers Child Support Enforcement with a program administered by the Missouri Department of Social Services. You have options and need only to choose to right one for you.

Parents that choose to avoid their support obligation in Missouri are no different than those from other states. They try to avoid payment by changing jobs frequently, moving from state to state, working for cash and just flat defiance. Child Support Recovery Service is a private enforcement agency that can help you enforce your Missouri court order for support.