child support

Child Support

Child Support is a financial obligation by one parent to his or her children. The payments are to be made to insure that the child's needs are met, it is not meant to be a financial windfall for the other parent and state child support guidelines are in place to protect the rights of each party.

The support obligation is based on several factors, income of the absent parent, income of the custodial parent, health insurance for the children, child care expenses, and amount of visitation in addition to other state guidelines.

Child support orders can be very difficult to enforce if the parent that has been ordered to make payments wants to ignore the court order. Parents that refuse to pay support today are commonly referred to as a deadbeat parent. When dealing with a deadbeat dad or a deadbeat mom standard enforcement tools are not always enough.

Child Support Recovery Service can help your family get the financial help you deserve. This agency has been in operation helping parents collect support for 14 years, we began collecting only Elkhart child support, and then expanded to all Indiana child support orders. Today we are pleased to say we offer child support collection services nationally.

Child support is not just a financial obligation, it is a moral obligation as well. A parent that supports their child both emotionally and financially will see first hand the benefit to the child.

If you struggle to collect child support it is time to take a stand, you must pursue every avenue available to enforce the court order. Child support recovery is never easy and to sit back and just wait for the support to be paid by a parent who does not want to comply is a long and frustrating wait for a child support collection that never comes. You have three options, private child support collection agency, private attorney, or your state child support office commonly referred to as the IV-D program.

Custodial parents are innovative at finding ways to support their children without the help of a deadbeat parent. However, the support if collected can improve the quality of your child's life. So, what are you waiting for, it won't collect itself.

Child Support Recovery Service; supporting your efforts to support your family.